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Applying exceptional formulation techniques and state of the art manufacturing practices, HFB Labs works with clients of all sizes. Whether small independent brands or mass consumer imprints, we welcome your requirements. HFB Labs encompasses an assortment of efficiencies ranging from Color Cosmetics, Hair & Skin, Bath & Body and Baby Care.
Closer to the Source
At HFB, we are mindful of our surroundings – we source only premium organics and the finest botanicals, eliminating any ingredients that contain toxic, harmful fertilizers. Our raw products originate from trusted purveyors who share our high standards of excellence. By extending our reach and eliminating any middlemen, we create one carbon footprint trail to reduce the expansive energy used in the manufacturing process. This results in 100% safe and natural products of supreme quality. All products manufactured by HFB are attributable with an MSDS letter of authenticity. Our journey together is an open book, giving your creations exquisite prestige… and you, confidence knowing that your vision has come to life at its full potential.