Salon & Spa Retail
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Retail can pay your rent, create employee benefits, enhance client retention and can make a vast transformation to the bottom line. Most salons and spas are given a lack of options left to swim in the sea of product manufacturers promotional calendars. HFB Labs gives Salons and Spa’s the tools igniting them to control their own destiny. Whether creating a promotional, merchandise, location or an exclusive brand strategy, HFB Labs helps you in making the best strategic retailing decisions creating opportunities for seamless retail management and effectiveness, setting you apart from everyone else.
Customer Experience = Employee Engagement
Your organization can learn about HFB Labs methodology for customer experience, employee engagement and leadership development. We channel organizations through a multi-step process in order to achieve maintainable touch points and philosophy conversions. The business practices that we have shared have been successfully applied, and the result is that salons & spa’s have not only improved, they have experienced sustainable cultural transformations.